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Welcome to Great Light's Resources hub, where both members and non-members can explore our faith and community. Our sessions are designed to enlighten and guide every step of your spiritual journey.


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Available Courses

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What to expect from Our Courses

Get to Know Christ

An introductory course for those curious about Jesus Christ, offering insights into His teachings and love.

Get to Know The Ministry

Discover the mission and values of our community, learn about our outreach programs, and how we make a difference.

Deep Understanding

An advanced course for deeper theological insights and practical applications of living a faith-filled life.
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Learning Jesus in Great Light!

Great Light invites you to embrace these resources, making it easier than ever to embark on or enrich your spiritual path from wherever you are.

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Great Light Healing Ministries' e-learning platform has been a true beacon of wisdom on my spiritual journey. The insightful courses and user-friendly interface make learning a joy. I appreciate the rich content that has not only expanded my knowledge but also fostered personal growth. A heartfelt thank you for providing a platform that nurtures both mind and spirit

- Bennett Cu

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The Alpha Course has been a transformative journey that exceeded my expectations. Engaging discussions, a welcoming community, and thought-provoking content have made this experience enriching and eye-opening. I've gained valuable insights into my faith and developed meaningful connections with others on a similar path. Grateful for the Alpha Course for fostering a space of exploration and growth in my spiritual walk.

Jack Mathew

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